Thursday, April 12, 2007

Drawn To The Edge

Julie Doucet... Page from 'New York Diary' (1996, Ink on paper). From the exhibition Drawn To The Edge at Adam Baumgold Gallery. "...This group drawing exhibition of 41 artists will focus on two distinct drawing styles - 'all over' drawings that cover the entire page many times without a central motif, and drawings that deal with the edge of the sheet as a means of cropping or expanding the image.
The artists in the exhibition are Saul Steinberg, H. C. Westermann, Marc Bell, Renee French, Matt Leines, Julie Doucet, Anton Van Dalen, Jacob El Hanini, Ellen Lanyon, Adam Dant, Scott Teplin, Tom Gauld, Matthew Thurber, Mark Kostabi, Robyn O'Neil, Thomas Burleson, Diane Christiansen, Robin Tewes, Tony Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Bird, Daniel Zeller, Alexander Gorlizki, Jean Pierre Nadeau, Trenton Doyle Hancock, William Arthur Schwedler, Vivienne Koorland, Christina Ramberg, Martin Wilner, Olive Ayhens, James Castle, Michael Krueger, Ruth Marten, Keith Jones, Madge Gill, Anke Feuchtenberger, Huston Ripley, Elvis Studio (Helge Reumann And Xavier Robel), Michael Pajon, and others."