Friday, April 27, 2007

Midori - The Girl in the Freak Show

Shojo Tsubaki Midnight Eye... Midori - The Girl in the Freak Show (Shojo Tsubaki, 1992, director: Hiroshi Harada). "...Now, what is Shojo Tsubaki? Well, it's animated, it's on celluloid, it is about a poor young girl who lives a hard life in a freak show circus, and its scenes often switch from being extremely kawaii to extremely graphic, violent, and at times oozing into the territory of far-out sexual fetishism. Sex among disfigured freaks, eye-ball-licking, rape by a disgusting, diseased... it's all there. And yet, Midori, the main character, does find true love here... and then things turn violent again... You never know where the movie is heading. You can't even guess what dangers or pleasures might be coming Midori's way from one second to the next." Also... a Clip from Midori (Flash Video) from Ciné Malta. And... 4 Audio Clips from the Midori CD by J.A. Seazer of the experimental theatre troupe Ban'yu Inryoku... 1 | 2 | 3 | 4.