Sunday, April 15, 2007

Yannis Kontos: Red Utopia

Yannis Kontos: Red Utopia (Digital Journalist, April 2007). "...The images of Yannis Kontos testify to the effects of a totalitarian government on a population and nation frozen in time. Uniforms are everywhere (apparently 20 percent of the men aged 17–54 are in the armed forces). The human spirit does come through in a few images but beautiful traditional gowns worn for tourists, garish propaganda posters and art contrast sharply with the large gray buildings, wide gray squares and gray streets. Looming over all are statues, images – even required portrait pins – showing The Great Leader. Paintings of Kim Jong-Il now join those of his father. In Pyongyang, the capital, in particular, mammoth monuments to Kim Jong-Il and the Workers' Party overwhelm the landscape."


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From the pages of LA Times:,1,7189584.story?ctrack=3&cset=true

"In the last 11 years, Schall has visited Los Angeles 10 times — mostly in February or November, when he thinks the light of the city is particularly good.

And in that time, he has gone from tourist to architectural maven. His website,, has become the ultimate online collection of photos documenting the city. It now includes more than 1,700 images of what Schall thinks makes Los Angeles great.

The website has made Schall a celebrity in the urban design world. Building owners beg him, via e-mail, to include their buildings on his site. And preservationists and other architectural aficionados use it as a bible of L.A. architecture.

But only a small number of his fans realize Schall is not a native Angeleno, an architect or a professional photographer — but rather a German oil and gas engineer whose evenings are spent toiling away on the website from a sleek, sparely decorated loft in Kornwestheim, just outside of Stuttgart."

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