Friday, April 20, 2007

Zoe Crosher: Out The Window (LAX) 2001-2005

Zoe Crosher: Out The Window (LAX) 2001-2005. "...The question of how to photograph Los Angeles has been central in recent work - how to approach a place that moves in shifts and perpetual motion with no real center, no point of concentration. Movement in LA is not a walking-motion; it breathes in anonymous transit, spread and wide, seen through passing cars or from airplane windows. This project investigates LAX and its surrounding infrastructure as a point of non-center, a metaphor for Los Angeles, captured from surrounding satellite positions. Consisting of 27 photographs of planes coming in to land, the images are shot from the inside/back of hotel/motel rooms from all hotels surrounding LAX (including hotels next to the runway as well as cheaper motels beyond LaCienega-a dividing line-deep in Inglewood.)"


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