Monday, May 21, 2007

Eiichi Kudo's Guerrilla Filmmaking

Midnight Eye... Eiichi Kudo's Guerrilla Filmmaking by Robin Gatto. "...In 1985, Assassination director Masahiro Shinoda declared to journalist Judy Stone: 'What characterizes Japan is the imposition upon the people of absolute power and authority without the right to question and debate. The United States, despite its injustices, has seemed to the Japanese a fresh force and inspiration for those burdened with the weight of authoritarianism'. 20 years after WW2, Japan was going through Post-Anpo disillusionment and the whole gamut of political extremism. The time was ripe for searing black and white jidai geki reflecting those times of violence. Great directors like Shinoda, Gosha, Misumi, Okamoto and Kudo all launched themselves into the melee and made sharp jidai geki that were heavily tinged with their new-wave personalities."


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