Friday, May 11, 2007

E.O. Hoppé: Photographer

Deutsche Arbeit E.O. Hoppé: Deutsche Arbeit (1930). "...In the mid-to late 1920’s, Hoppé made frequent visits to his home country. He traveled extensively throughout Germany visiting the manufacturing cities where an unprecedented industrial buildup was underway. He photographed major industrial manufacturing complexes including Seimens and Schuckert, the Borsig Locomotive Factory, the Graf Zeppelin factory, the Brunner Mond Chemical Works, the Continental Tire factory, Krupps Stores, coal mines in the Rhur and Essen, aircraft factories in Hanover and Dessau, and all manner of large-scale industry. Man appears small and insignificant next to his massive construction. Clearly German life had entered an entirely new era." From E.O. Hoppé: Photographer - Edwardian Modernist, 1878-1972).


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