Thursday, May 31, 2007

Haunted Hacienda - Mexican Horror Films

El Monstruo Resucitado (1953, AKA: Doctor Crimen, Director: Chano Urueta). "...Arguably one of the greatest horror films ever made in Mexico and another greatly under-viewed and underappreciated film of 1950s horror. The film begins in the super creepy and disturbing castle of a mad doctor that is built on the edge of a dark and dangerous mountain. It is adorned by a series of realistic classical statues. In the bowels of the castle lies a huge crypt, and within the crypt is a Frankenstein-like lab operated by Doctor Crimen. Strikingly similar yet more contemporary, El Monstruo Resucitado seems straight out of the Universal productions of the ’30s." From Haunted Hacienda - The Best of Mexican Horror Films.


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