Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Can Only Give You Everything

I Can Only Give You Everything Them... I Can Only Give You Everything (1966 Parrot PAR 3006 .mp3 audio 02:36). Also... The Bram Rigg Set doing 'I Can Only Give You Everything' on a local television show (Flash Video 02:49). And... I Can Only Give You Everything ...And More! "...Ever since I first heard The Little Boy Blues' version some 20 years ago, I started collecting every other version I could lay my hands on. Most people think I'm nuts for having such an interest but then again most people wouldn't know a good thing from a hole in the ground. But not you my friend, or you wouldn't be reading this, would you. Meanachem Turchick, who runs a.o. the excellent 'Freakout USA' zine with his brother Efram and runs the 'Searchin' For Shakes' website/database suggested that it would be a great idea to put all information regarding the 101 versions on a website."


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