Friday, May 25, 2007

Jill Levine: South of the Border - Recent Sculpture

Jill Levine: South of the Border - Recent Sculpture at P.P.O.W. "...After her extensive travels to ancient Mayan temples and Aztec pyramids for over a dozen years, Jill Levine incorporates the carved reliefs and Pre-Columbian codices on to her dynamic new sculptures. Mounted to the wall, each piece juts out, articulating an abstract sculptural space in forms that are clustered with bulbs, cones, spheres, loops, disks, cylinders, tumescent points and mobius strips twisting into each other. Over these complex geometries Levine paints an inexhaustible profusion of detail and color. The shapes and dense colors of Mexican sculls and death gods stretch like a skin upon the hard surfaces of each form giving them a cartoon-like flatness that is a leap from her previous work of Hindu deities."


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