Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paraiba Dreams

Lost Art... Paraiba Dreams.


Blogger Vida Fuleira said...

“Prestes Maia” is a huge abandoned building owned by Jorge Hamuche and Eduardo Amorim. But although the owners claim they have title to the building, they cannot show the deeds. They owe around 5 millions brl$ (2 million Dollars) of unpaid taxes,
which is more than the building is worth.

The building was abandoned 20 years ago.
Untill 2002, the colossal 22 floor building was an abandoned clothes factory. In 2002 the MSTC (Downtown Homeless People's Movement) decided to occupy the building. Nowadays, it is the biggest latin american occupation with 468 families (around 2000 people).

The new residents decided to act by themselves and cleaned out tonnes of rubbish and litter (more than 200 trucks). Then, they structured and organised their lives within the building.

The Prestes Maia 911 offers today a free library, workshops, and hosts autonomous
educational, social and cultural activities.

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