Monday, June 25, 2007

Behind Forgotten Eyes

Behind Forgotten Eyes Behind Forgotten Eyes - a film by Anthony Gilmore. "...Narrated by 'LOST's' Yunjin Kim, Behind Forgotten Eyes presents the stories of a few brave women who came forward and broke the silence protecting a past that some want to stay buried. What are these stories that were hidden for so long? Whilst Korea groaned under the harsh colonial rule of Imperial Japan, the Japanese military coerced, tricked, and forced the women of Korea into a brutal and systematic form of sexual slavery on an unimaginable scale. During colonial Japan's wars, the Japanese military procured more than 200,000 Korean girls and women to serve as sexual slaves. Forbidden to leave the rickety shacks hastily constructed near the front lines of Imperial Japan's aggressive wars, often with a blanket as the room's only 'furniture,' they were forced to have sex with some 30-40 men every day."


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