Thursday, July 12, 2007

The 365 Days Project, Part 2 (2007)

Hisao Shinagawa... More Money, More War (1984, Rock 'n' Roll Records 4Z9-04970 .mp3 audio 03:37). From The 365 Days Project, Part 2 (2007). "...UbuWeb is pleased to be co-hosting and archiving the second installment of Otis Fodder's magnificent 365 Days Project. The first project was completed in 2003 and can be accessed here as well. 365 days of cool and strange and often obscure audio selections. Some words to describe the material featured would be... Celebrity, Children, Demonstration, Indigenous, Industrial, Outsider, Song-Poem, Spoken, Ventriloquism, and on and on and on."


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