Friday, July 27, 2007

Charise Isis: American Stripper

Charise Isis: American Stripper at Zone Zero. "...For the last twelve years, I have worked on and off in the world of exotic dance (strip clubs). It is a world harshly judged by the mainstream and generally negatively depicted by the media. Strippers are often viewed as dysfunctional people on the fringe of society.
Throughout my career as a dancer I have come to know some very powerful and creative women. I have witnessed deeply moving and healing experiences and I have seen a great deal of beauty and strength within this industry.
Three years ago, I began photographing the women that I work with. At first, I wondered if I should photograph every aspect of this world, including the stereotypical “bad stuff” (exploited women with low self esteem), but I realized that I do not view the dancers in this way."