Sunday, July 15, 2007

Denjin Zaborger

Denjin Zaborger Denjin Zaborger (Episode 1, 1974, P Productions, Japan). "...A bionic vigilante avenges the death of his scientist father by using his invention, a lethal transforming robot/motorcycle, to fight his murderers, the evil Sigma Organization led by the wheelchair-bound cyborg Dr. Akunomiya. A great show with a cool robot that transforms into an even cooler motorbike - I wish I had one of those! Although the quality of this video rip isn't that great, the usual colourful, bizarre characters and action win through. Also, at least, it has English subtitles for added enjoyment. The theme music is by the brilliant and legendary Japanese soundtrack composer Shunsuke Kikuchi." From 55 Bells. Bravo, 55 Bells!


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