Thursday, July 19, 2007

Goin' Down That Road

Goin' Down That Road Ersel Hickey... Goin' Down That Road (1958, Epic 5-9278 .mp3 audio 01:48). Also... Spectopop Remembers Ersel Hickey. "...Apart from the early pictures of Elvis Presley, the defining image of rock'n'roll is an oft-printed photograph of Ersel Hickey in action: a handsome twenty-something with a pompadour, holding his guitar and shaking his right leg. He was a prolific singer and songwriter, but his only real chart success was with "Bluebirds Over The Mountain" for the Beach Boys in 1968. Again with the exception of Elvis Presley, Ersel Hickey had the most distinctive name in rock'n'roll."


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