Friday, July 20, 2007

Jun Hanyunyuu: Impact Manga!!

Jun Hanyunyuu: Impact Manga!! PingMag... Jun Hanyunyuu: Impact Manga!! "...Jun Hanyunyuu is the original manga author of the film “Koi no Mon” (directed by Suzuki Matsuo) which was selected for the Venice International Film Festival in 2004. His works portray a pristine anarchy - a realistic world with a chaotic mixture of violence, eroticism and fresh humour - both merciless and intense. And the characters in his manga, while way beyond the imagination, somehow manage to present a cutting reflection of our contemporary society - the editor of a supernatural phenomena magazine, cyber-homeless men, a poverty-stricken manga artist and a cosplay girl, an Okinawan yakuza and a hitman, a household on the verge of family breakdown, a hardcore Gundam geek office worker, Confucius’ apprentice… His works have a cult following in the creative industries in Japan."


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