Monday, July 09, 2007

Musica Formosa: Taiwan Indies

Nipples... Spotted Rabbit (.mp3 audio 05:36). From Musica Formosa: Taiwan Indies (Petite Mort #28). "...They say that Taiwan has the largest species of exotic flowers in Asia and, as we discovered last spring, the same can be said about it's music scene. From our trip we chose three bands that form a mini-sampler. From the youthful pangs of Bad Daughter (WWR), to the pop genre hopping sound in Nipples (WWR), and the loungy duo Natural Q (A Good Day), we hope dispite of the language barrier thier music will lead you in search of other exotic blooms from this small island."


Anonymous william said...

interesting. natural q were one of my favourite local bands. sadly they broke up a few years ago( but one half of the duo still releases things under the name, though it's not quite the same).

11:13 PM  

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