Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Theoretical Girls

Lovin In The Red Theoretical Girls... Lovin In The Red (.mp3 audio 03:14). From the album Theoterical Record at Acute Records. "...After 24 years in relative obscurity, NYC no-wave group theoretical girls is finally getting their due. Having released only one song during their short, four-year existence ('U.S. Millie' from ROIR's the great new york singles scene), Jeff Lohn's super group exemplified, intellectualized, and deteriorated the existing precepts of music as art. Alongside mainstays DNA, Mars, Lydia Lunch, James Chance, and a tapestry of other like-minded artists, core members Margaret Dewyss, Wharton Tiers, Glenn Branca and Lohn, ambitiously balanced instantly accessible pop songs with the rhythm-heavy tactics of no wave. The result was a distinct choreography of catharsis and style, range and passion, serendipity, and deliberation all filtered through the burgeoning punk rock gristmill."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That song is actually Computer Dating. There was a tracklisting mix-up on the first pressing of the CD. Sorry. Check out the Acute page for more unreleased stuff and some alternate versions and please purchase the CD!


12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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