Friday, August 10, 2007

Carl De Keyzer: Zona and God, Inc.

Carl De Keyzer: Zona and God, Inc. at Robert Koch Gallery. "...The vibrant color photographs from De Keyzer's Zona series capture surreal images of life as a detainee in the post-Soviet prison camps. On a trip to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia he was introduced to Camp 27, a former gulag turned model camp that functions as both a prison and a propaganda tool, shown to visiting ambassadors and Western media crews to boast the merits of the post-Soviet penal system. At a destination that often conjures notions of frigid temperatures and bleak, lifeless landscapes, De Keyzer found the unlikely juxtaposition of inmates in army uniforms posed by Russian militia guards against a Disney-esque backdrop of cartoon-like statuary and vividly painted fairytales of knights and gladiators. De Keyzer's photographs present bizarre scenes from the lives of real prisoners in a strangely fabricated reality." Also... more Works by Carl De Keyzer at his personal site.