Monday, August 06, 2007

Drawing on Identity: Inkameep Day School & Art Collection

Drawing on Identity: Inkameep Day School & Art Collection. "...The drawings in this virtual exhibition were created by children of the Osoyoos Indian Band who attended the Inkameep Day School, near Oliver, British Columbia, on the Nk'Mip Reserve. Between 1932 and 1942 these students and their teacher Anthony Walsh worked together to create drawings, paintings, stories and plays that honoured traditional Okanagan language and culture. The arts became a way for the students, aged six to sixteen, to depict their everyday realities and their evolving sense of identity, growing up in mid-twentieth-century British Columbia. Their world was complex, layering Okanagan traditions and stories, old and new ways of life, an evolving agricultural economy, and North American popular culture."


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Hi there - thanks for posting our site on your blog - we are constantly amazed at how this art reaches so many different people - Andrea Walsh, University of Victoria Anthropologist. Great art blog btw!

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