Sunday, August 26, 2007

Works by Aimée Beaubien

Works by Aimée Beaubien at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...My earliest recollection of a collaged body was observed on my great-grandmother's refrigerator door. Gertrude Bastien's (1896-1982) eighty year old face had been cut out of a snapshot and taped to the body of a plus size model cut from an advertising environment and dressed only in control top panty hose. In my body of work I have mined Gertrude Bastien's photographs and captions. I join her images with my own and collage a network of her descriptions inscribed on the backs of her photographs into the titles of the individual pieces such as They sure are living dolls, oh I tell you all full of pep growing up fast."


Blogger SweetKali said...

Hi, Andrew. I am really disliking the 'collaged body' pieces, but I think your blog is stupendous. Keep up the good work! SweetKali

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