Monday, August 27, 2007

Wright's Wendingen Edition

Wright's Wendingen Edition Wright's Wendingen Edition. "...In 1925, a series of articles that had appeared in the Dutch art periodical Wendingen was published in Holland as The Life-work of the American Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. This publication consists of essays by leading architectural theorists of the time, including Wright himself, Rob Mallet-Stevens, Erich Mendelsohn, Lewis Mumford and Louis Sullivan. These essays are coupled with photographs and plans of many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings. This publication, known today simply as The Wendingen Edition, helped to cement Wright's reputation as the leading American avant-garde architect of his day." From
The George Fox Steedman Architectural Collection. Also... Het tijdschift Wendingen an overview (in Dutch) of Wendigen magazine including covers from 1918 to 1931.