Sunday, September 09, 2007

Jeff Soto: Storm Clouds

Jeff Soto... Thunderclouds Over a Flower (Acrylic on wood). From the exhibition Jeff Soto: Storm Clouds at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. "...For Storm Clouds, Jeff Soto explores his predominant fears and anxieties over his daughter’s future, the civil war in Iraq, and the United States policies on environmental conservation. Soto’s concern for the American population’s indifference and a general disconnection to global affairs are motivating factors behind his overtly mature subject matter. Storm Clouds is ripe with metaphors that allude to the fate of the planet should neglect and indifference prevail. Soto’s expressive narratives evoke inherent contradictions, crossing between notions of a precarious and fragile natural world on the brink of extinction with one that is an indestructible, organic mass."


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