Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Works by Zheng Zaidong

Zheng Zaidong... The Diary of a Mad Old Man (acrylic on canvas, cm 200x200). From Works by Zheng Zaidong at Galleria Paolo Curti/Annamaria Gambuzzi & Co. "...Zheng Zaidong feeds himself on Chinese classical literature. The titles of his paintings are phrases of poems from the Ming, Wei and Jin dynasties, phrases he occasionally transfers onto canvas. He moved to Shanghai from Taiwan, where he was born in 1953. Traveling in China for about twenty years in search of the culture that reflects the elegance of the life of the sages scholars he also came into contact with mountains, rivers, porcelain, tea rooms, Zen gardens. But in New York, in the 1980s, he saw a film by Salvador DalĂ­ and was overwhelmed."


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