Monday, October 08, 2007

Capa and Taro: Together at Last

Capa and Taro: Together at Last Capa and Taro: Together at Last (Digital Journalist, October 2007). "...He began life as Andre Friedmann. In the 1930s as a Hungarian Jew fleeing the anti-Semitism then spreading through Eastern Europe he landed in Paris. Her name was Gerda Pohorylle, from a liberal Polish Jewish family. She, too, was running away from the same anti-Semitism. In Paris, they found each other and started working together as photographers. In time they became lovers and creative partners. To get more work and acceptance in a Europe increasingly hostile to Jews and liberals, as well as in America with its higher paying market, they changed their names. She, to Gerda Taro. He, to Robert Capa. Everyone knows Robert Capa, his work and his life. Few, if any, know Gerda Taro. Her name is one that time almost forgot. Unlike Robert Capa, Gerda Taro's fame is only becoming apparent now, more than 70 years after her untimely death."


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