Monday, October 01, 2007

Edward Mapplethorpe

Edward Mapplethorpe - new works on paper at Foley Gallery. "...In this new body of work Mapplethorpe continues his formal exploration of line, combining the gestural impulses of action painting with the mechanical processes of the photographic medium. The artist’s use of hair as subject allow for the play between control and randomness that has always structured and tempered his work to reach a new level of complexity.
For Mapplethorpe, hair has always been emblematic of revolution, acting as a cultural signifier and barometer of change against the status quo. It’s implementation here is evocative of both the conceptual and formal risks undertaken by the artist in creating this ambitious project. The exhibition is composed of unique works solely created in the darkroom without the use of traditional cameras. The result is a spiritual and organic balance between chaos and order encompassing a stunning visual range spanning from the intricate delicacy of fleeting lines to bold, graphic tangles of color."


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