Monday, October 22, 2007

Mark Dean Veca: Imbroglio

Mark Dean Veca: Imbroglio at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...In his latest body of work, Mark Dean Veca continues to explore the unification of opposing elements- high vs. low, elegant vs. vulgar, masculine vs. feminine, micro vs. macro, figure vs. ground, all with humor and playfulness. Using the French Rococo textile pattern known as Toile de Jouy as a compositional infrastructure, Veca improvises a phantasmagoria of pop iconography, cartoon abstraction, art history, biomorphic psychedelia, and sexual innuendo. John Belushi, Jimi Hendrix, and Colonel Klink mingle with Koons’s Rabbit, Tennessee Tuxedo and Viagra, while the Three Stooges schmooze with AC/DC over by the mushroom cloud. This overload of visual stimuli is finely rendered with brush and ink under the influence of Underground Comix, Phillip Guston, Mad Magazine, Franz Kline, and Dr. Seuss."


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