Monday, October 22, 2007

Nancy Rexroth - IOWA: The Unpublished Photographs

Tree Wrapping School Nancy Rexroth... Tree Wrapping School (1970's, Vintage gelatin silver print). From IOWA: The Unpublished Photographs by Nancy Rexroth at Weinstein Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. "...Nancy Rexroth is perhaps best known for her innovative use of the Diana camera. She is universally celebrated for images she made between 1970-1976 with this cheap toy camera. Those photographs were part of the project titled IOWA, which Rexroth mostly photographed in Ohio. The project was made famous with the publication of IOWA in 1977, a book that is now highly collectible.
The selenium and gold toned photographs are tiny gems that often find people in the act of flying of disappearing. Houses wave, her mother floats, a window vibrates. Nancy was raised in the suburbs on the east coast (Arlington, Virginia). These photographs are vignettes that unlock the midwestern atmospheres she remembers from rare visits to distant relatives in Iowa."


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