Sunday, November 18, 2007

Eugene Von Bruenchehein: Our Night Of Life

Eugene Von Bruenchehein: Our Night Of Life Eugene Von Bruenchehein: Our Night Of Life - Paintings, Sculpture, Photography, Poetry, Philosophy - November 16 to December 29, 2007 at Carl Hammer Gallery. Wisconsin's greatest outsider artist, IMHO. "...Born in the year that Halley’s comet passed by our planet, Von Bruenchenhein spent much of his life exploring the unseen and unexplained relationships inherent in living things – human, cosmic, and everything in between. He sought and provided answers to the largest of questions. 'Why is there no wall beyond the fringe of Universe? Because something always lies beyond a wall, And because no Universe can be contained.' Our Night of Life celebrates this extraordinary vision, through which nature is infinitely fluid, continually revealing new aspects of itself.
It is now twenty-four years since Eugene Von Bruenchenhein’s works came into public light, and since that time our examination of his work still has not had the time to fully comprehend the many facets of his artistic vision, within the many mediums in which he worked. The works themselves are journeys into their meanings, but the artist’s writings – less well know than the paintings, sculptures, and photos – add yet another dimension to his world."


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