Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jeffrey Becom: Santos y Almas

Santos y Almas Jeffrey Becom: Santos y Almas. A gallery of photographs. From Works by Jeffrey Becom at VERVE Gallery of Photography in Santa Fe, NM. "...Jeff Becom is a painter, formally trained as an architect, who, in a very logical progression, became a phototgrapher in order to document painted architecture. He grew up five miles outside of a small Indiana farm town in a house surrounded by corn fields. As a boy he remembers wondering why all the nearby barns were painted red. He enjoyed drawing and painting from an early age. Unfortunately, there were no bookstores, no art galleries, and certainly no artists earning a living in Shelbyville. So when it came time for college, Jeff decided on architecture in an effort to reassure his parents that he wouldn't end up starving in a garret somewhere."