Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Park - Kohei Yoshiyuki

Tofu Magazine... The Park - Kohei Yoshiyuki. "...During the 1970s Kohei Yoshiyuki was a young commercial photographer in Tokyo. One night when he walked through Chuo Park in Shinjuku he noticed a couple on the ground, and then spectators lurking in the bushes who watched the scene. 'I had my camera, but it was dark,' he told Nobuyoshi Araki in a 1979 interview. Researching the technology in the era before infrared flash units, he found that Kodak made infrared flashbulbs. Mr. Yoshiyuki returned to the park, and also to Yoyogi, and Aoyama parks. Through the '70s he photographed heterosexual and homosexual couples engaged in sexual activity and the peeping toms who stalked them."


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