Sunday, December 09, 2007

Los desastres de la guerra

Francisco Goya... Que valor! (etching, from Los desastres de la guerra, published 1863, created 1810-1820). From Los desastres de la guerra (The Disasters of War). Also... Unpublished plates from Los desastres de la guerra. Part of the Samuel Putnam Avery Print Collection and Related Works at the NYPL Digital Gallery. "...Nearly 1,100 etchings, lithographs, and some drawings, by prominent 19th-century printmakers. Most of these works are part of the S.P. Avery Collection, complemented by holdings found in the general Print Collection. Together they represent the Print Collection's complete holdings of Félix Bracquemond, Félix Buhot, Francisco Goya, Charles Jacque, Edouard Manet, Charles Méryon, and Camille Pissarro."


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