Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Helen Gerber: Rapid Velocity Lead Therapy

Helen Garber... The Funeral of Anna Nicole Smith (2007, mixed media). From the exhibition Helen Gerber: Rapid Velocity Lead Therapy at Billy Shire Fine Arts. "...I take my inspiration from a variety of sources: Ayn Rand, the architecture to German children's stories like 'Die Geschichte vom wilden Jager,' which is where the vengeful bunnies evolved, or 'El Topo,' where the General references and glass, inspired me, I also collect anonymous letters and especially schizophrenic code, which upon closer observation, appear in the work. I enjoy creating little class wars within each work, both through referential inspiration and technical play. It allows me to inject a sense of humor into everything." More Works by Helen Garber at her personal site.


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