Monday, February 04, 2008

Five Rare Books From the 1960s by Bern Porter

Five Rare Books From the 1960s by Bern Porter. "...Several of Porter's books from the 1960s are gathered here on UbuWeb, three of them for the first time anywhere, with an essay by Porter's collaborator and literary executor, Mark Melnicove. Titles include: Aphasia (1961), cut and assembled commercial and soft news language into a found poetry that is still original and fresh; Scandinavian Summer (1961), where Porter cut out pages from Scandinavian, Russian, and American newspaper archives at random, bound them together, and called the result a book; 468B Thy Future (1966), a book written entirely in computer code; The Wastemaker (1926-1961) where texts are divorced from their sources and disguised in a new tone, not intended by the original author; and Dieresis (1969) where the photographs in the book are the modern equivalents of ancient ideograms, capable of being read as texts."


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