Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peat, Salt & Moondust - Panoramic Fictions By Kahn & Selescnik

Peat, Salt & Moondust - Panoramic Fictions By Kahn & Selescnik at Aeroplastics Contemporary. "...The Englishmen Kahn and Selesnick – both born in 1964 – have been collaborating since 1988 : first creating installations combining painted portraits on plaster panels and bread, honey, and wax sculptures displayed in wooden ritual architecture. Tired of working locked up in a studio, they returned to photography on location, experimenting with 360-degree panoramic photographs set in the English countryside, and eventually integrating costumes and sets in vast productions rife with curious anachronisms. In 1996, their first large exhibition of photographic panoramas, The Flight Series, was a body of work that brought to fruition the various components that would become the team´s primary modus operandi: story and history intertwined to weave a personal mythology, accompanied by museological display of found and fabricated artifacts and archives. The Flight Series recounts the story of a fictional expeditionary brotherhood, the Royal Excavation Corps; its visual "documentation" depicted on sepia-toned panoramas appears historically accurate for the era in which the R.E.C. was said to have been active, the 1930s. The exhibition also included two R.E.C. gliders allegedly used in aerial reconnaissance."


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