Sunday, March 23, 2008

Works by John Stezaker

John Stezaker... Marriage (Film Portrait Collage) XLV (2007, collage). From Works by John Stezaker at the Saatchi Gallery. "...In his Marriage series, Stezaker focuses on the concept of portraiture, both as art historical genre and public identity. Using publicity shots of classic film stars, Stezaker splices and overlaps famous faces, creating hybrid 'icons' that dissociate the familiar to create sensations of the uncanny. Coupling male and female identity into unified characters, Stezaker points to a disjointed harmony, where the irreconciliation of difference both complements and detracts from the whole. In his correlated images, personalities (and our idealisations of them) become ancillary and empty, rendered abject through their magnified flaws and struggle for visual dominance."


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