Sunday, April 20, 2008

Michael Knutson: Astral And Prismatic Fields

Small Crossing Oval Coils #6 Michael Knutson... Small Crossing Oval Coils #6 (2008, watercolor on digitized drawing). From the exhibition Michael Knutson: Astral And Prismatic Fields at Greg Kucera Gallery in Seattle, WA. "...Over the past thirty years I have been preoccupied with wedding structure and gesture, through various permutations of geometric abstraction. In my paintings of twenty-five years ago cubes and spheres grappled in an expressionistic space. Twenty years ago I peered into tangles of overlaid box grids and circles to pull out images from Greek mythology. Sixteen years ago the geometry settled into baby block patterns, like those found on quilts and tile floors, but the cubes in those paintings warped, expanded and contracted, and formed eccentric, interlaced lattices. Eight years ago I began draping the lattices over concentric circles, ovals and coils (spirals), and the latter underlie most of my paintings since then."


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