Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Spalding Gray: Monologues on Film

Not Coming To A Theater Near You... Spalding Gray: Monologues on Film by Teddy Blanks. "...Spalding Gray was a towering figure in 1980s avant-garde theater, a performer whose relationship with his own stage persona was so unique it spawned a new genre of playwriting. Somewhere between open-mic night and the confession booth, his personal monologues were full of diverse characters and themes, current events and political commentary, a perfect encapsulation of the hipster Boomer malaise. Was he self-centered? Grating? Narcissistic? Yes, sometimes, and definitely. But he was also hyper-aware of his persona, and he didn’t let you forget it. These qualities, far from making his work dull or pompous, are part of why you couldn’t take your eyes off him."


Blogger B. said...

So, I take it that you are not counting the Soderburg film in development: (perhaps entitled "Life Interrupted")

Is there another filming in the work that us Spalding fans (Spuddies) need to be made aware of?

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