Monday, April 28, 2008

Tellus Audio Cassettes, 1983-1993

Y Pants... Magnetic Attraction (1980, Gail Vachon: ukulele; Barbara Ess: bass; Verge Piersol. drums, Vocals: all. .mp3 audio 03:11). From Audio By Visual Artists, Tellus 21. Part of Tellus Audio Cassettes, 1983-1993 at UBUWEB. "...UbuWeb is pleased to present the entire run of the legendary New York-based Tellus audio cassette magazine. Originally a subscription-based bimonthly publication, the series took full advantage of the popular cassette medium to promote cutting edge music, documenting the New York scene and advanced US composers of the time. Highlight issues include: All Guitars! (1985), The Sound of Radio (1985), Just Intonation (1986), Audio By Visual Artists (1988), The Voice of Paul Bowles (1989) and Flux Tellus (1990)."


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