Sunday, May 11, 2008

Masao Mochizuki: Television 1975-1976

Masao Mochizuki... The World of Salvador Dali (1975.12.19, Film documentary - along with an interview, his works, towns where he grew up, etc. are shown. (NHK) Gelatin Silver Print mounted on board). From the exhibition Masao Mochizuki: Television 1975-1976 at Cohen Amador Gallery. "...In the 1970s, recognizing that it was no longer tenable to seek the imagery which defines history outside in the world, Mochizuki turned his focus to the way the external world is no longer experienced, but passively received through television. Using a Mamiya 6 x 6 twin lens camera, Mochizuki sat in front of a television in a darkened room taking multiple exposures of the imagery projecting outwards. In effect, the television comes to function as the lens of the camera, focusing external imagery for private, visual consumption. Through this, Mochizuki attempts to grasp what he calls the 'life-force' of television: its never-ending onslaught of imagery; how no matter whether there is a viewer or not, the television continues to stream images. Regardless of the gravity of the news being reported, or the excitement of a sporting event as it unfolds; the television is unflinching and unchanged by the events it depicts."


Blogger dale said...

The work of Masao Mochizuki is great. I'm wondering how he gets around theCopyright laws. He uses a lot of images that are other peoples or of famous figures?

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