Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Death of My Little Dead Dick

PingMag... The Death of My Little Dead Dick. "...My Little Dead Dick is no longer!, cries the online photo community. What? To recall the love romance 2.0 that rose to blogger fame: In the Summer of 2006, photographers Madi Ju from China and Patrick Tsai, an American living in Taiwan met online, hooked up in Macau and after a couple of days, arranged to start a new life together as a photographer couple in China. Their photo diary called My Little Dead Dick, also on their Flickr site [restricted access] exhibited flirty moments of love, friendship, and (party) life in burgeoning China. Sadly, they broke up recently and MLDD is now defunct… However, Patrick Tsai just visited Japan and PingMag grabbed him to find out about his new projects."


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