Saturday, August 09, 2008

Inside Outside: Evolving Graffiti

PingMag... Inside Outside: Evolving Graffiti. "...'Your visual has been kidnapped. Pay now!' wrote French street artist, ZEVS boldly to a huge advertiser. He also sent them a paper finger from the hand of a model 'heisted' from one of their billboards. Adams&Itso built a house under the central station in Copenhagen — illegally, of course. Lastly, female street artist SWOON, feeling guilty from commercialising and selling her art, continues to put up her work on the street, hoping to make someone's day. All these are part of 'Inside Outside,' a documentary focusing on evolving graffiti. Today PingMag had a chat with one of the two directors, Danish Andreas Johnsen, who dropped by Tokyo for its DVD release."


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