Saturday, August 09, 2008

Scott Davis: Land of Sunshine

Scott Davis: Land of Sunshine Scott Davis: Land of Sunshine at Hous Projects in New York, NY. "...The craftsmanship in the photography of Scott Davis is as important an element as his composition or concept. He began shooting 35mm and soon was mounting his camera to a tripod. The organic progression for him from there was to a view camera and Davis initially favored an 8x10 format. The physical limits of the large format camera as well as process of non-silver photography jived seamlessly with his pace and Davis relished the fact that he could work slowly in an otherwise fast-paced world. Moreover, the quality of light and clarity with any other process fell more than an eyelash short of his objectives. Yet, when prodded to make larger prints the problem arose of how to do so without incorporating a digital element for enlargement. Davis took the challenge on with vigor and he built himself a 16x20 camera that allows him to work in the method of his choice with the flexibility he previously was denied. Thus, his work has opened up the scale of his matte, inky vistas in a dramatic hand that allows for the glow evoked to impact even more profoundly a sense that the unexpected is always upon us."


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