Sunday, September 07, 2008

Works by Michael Hernandez de Luna

Michael Hernandez de Luna... X-Men (1998, Perforated Digital Print and Envelope with Machine Cancellation). From Works by Michael Hernandez de Luna at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...Michael Hernandez de Luna uses the largely inept mechanism of an American institution, namely the U.S. Postal Service, to serve as co-conspirator in his tour de force antics. Creating beautifully and seamlessly realistic looking stamp pages on a computer, Hernandez de Luna then affixes one of the stamps to an appropriately selected recycled envelope, and, addressing it to himself, sends the envelope with newly minted stamp to any number of willing collaborators around the world to be posted and sent back to its maker, all bearing the cancellation marks of the country/countries from which and the hands through which it has traveled. Aside from the artist’s mastery evidenced in one’s visual perception of the creative process, Hernandez de Luna’s artistry enters completely and successfully into the realm of performance."


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