Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Psychotic Reaction

Psychotic Reaction at Kerry Schuss / KS Art. "...This group exhibition draws its inspiration from the psychedelic/garage rock hit from 1966, Count Five's Psychotic Reaction, the often-covered song about depression and unrequited love. The song derives its disjunctive, angular, emotive power out of a hypnotic concoction of raw, but deeply felt manipulations of distortion, repetition and noise. The simple, but powerful success of this do-it-yourself musical aesthetic is an analogue to the diverse visual strategies of recent artists working in a variety of materials whose work develops its own raw power not so much out of the rational aesthetics of the beautiful, but rather out of the psychic underbelly of colorful noise, extreme disjunction, and discordant materiality. Contributing artists are Bill Adams, Ele D'Artagnan, James Hoff, Les LeVeque, Beverly Semmes, Philip Travers and Penelope Umbrico."


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