Monday, February 16, 2009

Conrad Botes: Cain and Abel

Conrad Botes... On Earth as it is in Heaven (2009, American walnut, glass, lead, fluorescent lamps, Installation view with White Zombie, Black Dog and Long Pants). From Conrad Botes: Cain and Abel at Michael Stevenson Gallery. "...Botes' exhibition, titled Cain and Abel, is a reflection on the origins of violence, a return to the very first tale of murder as related in the Bible and Qu'ran, as if to grapple with the notion of aggression itself. The story was translated into a gritty black and white comic published in Bitterkomix #15, and is exhibited here in full. A detailed allegory of rivalry, jealousy, corruption and lust, it forms the point of departure for many of the works on this show."


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