Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cameron Gray: You Get What You Deserve

Cameron Gray... Organic Pork (2009, Oil on wood tiles glued to panel). From the exhibition Cameron Gray: You Get What You Deserve at Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago, IL. "...In this, Cameron Gray’s most recent body of work, he addresses politics, religion, ideology, nature, commerce, media and the human propensity for violence with a set of "paintings" that are painstaking assemblages of credit card size mini-tableaux, cleverly put together to form portraits.. He does this by employing a most unique method of digital, network manufacturing. His work begins as digital studies, which are divided into hundreds of small pieces and then sent out to a group of artists composed of personal associates, professional colleagues and Internet correspondents. By breaking the painting down into a grid of pixels and outsourcing the work, Gray builds a virtual factory by way of the Internet. Each painting is comprised of several smaller paintings. The smaller images used are thematic and play a vital role in the depiction of the larger image." More Works by Cameron Gray at his personal site.


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