Monday, March 16, 2009

Works by Osamu Shiihara

Osamu Shiihara... Untitled (1930s, vintage silver print). From Works by Osamu Shiihara at MEM Inc. in Osaka, Japan. "...Born in Osaka City in 1905. In 1928 Shiihara Osamu entered the Tokyo School of Fine Arts (now Tokyo National University Of Fine Arts and Music) where he studied with the painter Fujishima Takeji in the Western painting department. After graduating in 1932, he returned to Kansai (western Japan) and set up a painting studio in Hyogo Prefecture. He began photography around this time and became a member of the Tampei Photography Club. As a main member of the Tampei Photography Club he produced a large number of experimental photographs, employing such special techniques as photogram, solarization and a combination of drawing and photography that he dubbed Photo peinture (photo painting).


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