Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tiago Santana: The Blessed Ones

Tiago Santana: The Blessed Ones (30 black & white photographs) at Zone Zero. "...I was born in a very particular region in Brazil. The northeast. The Brazilian semiarid hinterland, the so-called sertão. This dry region is one of the poorest ones in my homeland. Since I was born in this region, my photographic work has always focused the men who face such hard reality.
BENDITOS (Editora Tempo d’Imagem, 2000), addresses the town that is a reference of popular religiosity in northeastern Brazil. Juazeiro do Norte, home town of Father Cícero, a non-official saint of the Catholic church, although revered by people. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all the northeastern states go to Juazeiro to make or pay vows in the hope that they will get a better life, more health, more land, and more water."


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