Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The 1913 Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation

Homell Hart... Minors in a Saloon Dance Hall (May 3, 1914). From The 1913 Teasdale Vice Committee Investigation at the WHS. "...The Teasdale Vice Committee collection displayed in this gallery includes some of the photographs used as exhibits in its 1913 vice investigation, including images of dance halls, saloons and wine rooms. Some of these photographs were taken by Homell Hart. The Milwaukee City Club Committee of Public Recreation and Public Parks collected the other images while documenting recreational facilities, recreational opportunities and potential undesirable conditions for children from 1913 through 1917. Images include views of dance halls, carnivals, children playing in the street, swimming pools, penny arcade machines and recreational outings, including hiking and Boy Scout activities. These images supported part of the Committee's final report, which cited improved social and recreation centers for youth as an indirect means of eliminating vice in the state."


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